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Sei gebenedeit ... One crum from the breaking of a second that it took by flipping through pages ful of ART, i abruptly stopped (using ...

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what's going on ?
i found the to- and yesterday (May 09/10 2016) enveloped in a sphere full of numbers and relations'n'ships ?!
i try to count up some facts.
• When i  made my choice for my first deviations after a week, i got overwhelmed by a special feeling on sight of the "Eyeballones".
• i remembered instantly the beforeheard message about Mercury who got in transit with the Sun for 7 hours 32 minutes and some seconds until 20.44 MET yesterday evening.
• i had a vision of  Mercury as a pupilla  or holographic lense moving with the Sun's eyeball.
• Mercury [Hermes in Greek] serves as Nuntius (messenger/minister) between the g●dz and down to the realm of mAn. The Sun [Latin : Sol] is represented by two versions of his own : young & wise [Apollo - Helios]. Through times the sonship comes anew.
• About a Star's physiology I know as much, that H(ydrogenium), which is the simplest of material delusion, reacts under eruption of creational energy to a second of seems-to-be-seeable proved particles : He(lium).
• "H" (presenting the cypher "5") is the Hebrew letter, connected with the eighteenth of Tarot's Great Arcana : XVII. the STAR [aquarius]. HeH (=10) is its whole name, meaning "window".
We learn that the world of manifestation according to Hebrew ALePhBITh appeared as the fourth step of creation.
[0 - I - II - III - XVII] = 23
[A - B -  G  - D - H]  = 15
• 5 fingers build a hand. 2 hands make a man (male & wife or left'n'right). Ergo 10 is 1 (Malkuth in Kether and otherround).
The Half-of-it (0,5) seems to be a part of Materia's "existance". The other half may be the other side of the C-OiN.
• This current year we counted 05-09-2016 the 130th day  (31+29+31+30+9).
130 traditionally is the score of "AIjN" (70+10+50), a word meaning "eye" and "looking with diverging eyes". It belongs to Tarot trump no XV. the DEVIL (capricornus).
• Day 131 (05-10) : account of the name SaMAeL (60+40+1+30). Legends tell, it hasbeen the first name of an entity, later to be called ShaTaN. Samael there is called "Qliphoth of Hod". Hod presents cipher "8" and "Mercury" according to the lifetree-blueprint. Qliphot means the demonic influence of this sephira Hod.
VIII. JUSTICE [libra] with the letter "L" (=30).
• 2016 we have 366 days to celebrate for the sake of balance.
366 : ANDRALPh (1+50+4+200+1+30+80) is named a nightdemon over the 2nd decade of capricorn  (between December 31 and January 10).
The first of January would count 367 : AIShUN  [black, MiddlE, homunculus, EYE, eyeball, pupil, pupilla] ?! (1+10+300+6+50=367)
• i part the year into three "halfs" and reveal them to be FOUR :
130 : AIjN [eye] ; letter O = 70, XV. DEVIL [goat].
140 = 67 + 73 ... (140 = AINI [eye].) :
67 : ZaIN [sword] ; Z/C = 7, VI. LOVERS [gemini].
73 : GiMeL [camel] ; G = 3, II. HIGHPRIESTESS [moon].
96 :  like two fishes swimming back on back. The sign "pisces" shows an nail, piercing the fish together.
ALoHIN (1+30+5+10+50 = 96) is the Chaldain version for the "g●dezzers-creationelles" in the Old Testament. "AL ADoNaI" (2 bestknown names for the G●dleY) count for 96, too.
+ a hint on two of the Great Arcana :
XVIII. MOON (pisces) ; QUPh [back of the head] = 186, Q = 100 or
XIII. DEATH (scorpio) ;NUN [fish] = 106, N = 50.
N (fish) - U (nail) - N (fish) : the sign of pisces ?!
• Probably in Roman times the letters "G" and "C" changed places. I interpret them as twins like the Roman ciph for "two" (II) is similiar to the symbol of gemini.
• And ZaIN (=7) is the twin of AIjN (=70).
VI [6] and XV [1+5=6]. The traditional card of the DEVIL shows the wedding-pair (LOVERS) bound with chains to the throne of Satan.
Once i heard that Samael was to become the firstonlyever creation and favourite to the beforefirst CreatoR.
i interpret him (Samael/Satan) to be the heavenly component of the lost Son.
i dare say Satan's function has become to turn spirit and return to his true source.
• The eclipse took over 7 h 32 m of time.
732 : NOVRUTh [youth]. SheBLaTh [current, stream, flow].
733 : RIShA HUVeRaH [the White Capital/Head].
• Mercury [Hod = 8] and Sol [Tiphareth = 6] on the tree sum up to 14.
XIV. ART [sagittarius] ; SaMeK [support, column, staff, pale] = 120, Ss (=60).
i 'd say, "Samek" and "Zain" are twins, too.

And so on i could fill lists without worth, words without meaning.
But always the same ?!

We may live in an evolving QuanT of light.

Annihilate pr.ide.


niC0ras's Profile Picture

Artist | Other

We may have seemed to exist from late 1991 until somewhere in 1995.
We jammed and found ourself a strong influence of psychedelic rock, wave punk, gothic & heavytunes with blues pentatonicum.
Our sounds were to everyone of us like his own style through our collective.
In 1993 we recorded a CD titled "Do What Thou Wilt".
Almost through all five years we were mark weiß on guitar and dustin henze on drums, totsten vyge on bass and me on vocals and keyboards, last but not least carolin reuber and lisa hupperich on female vocals.
In the enddays we were joined by tobias schellin on electric violin.

DE BONNG VYSAASCH (kölsch/colognial expression, meaning "of good visage")
In 1999 i learned to know freedartist Wolfgang Sawinsky.
With him TV and Scholian and Schalk founded this group of "thou ART" the year past Millenium.
We manifested to ignore dogma, free our will to the naked silence of creatoress, celebrate the higher will in following the hand.
Most of our Art was realized without sketching, corrections and the use of rubber.
From 2002 till 2006 we invited to new shows of art twice or three times a year, growing to a bunch of a dozen and some members. Mottoes like "topic green", "lovers", "cephal podes", "from beyond" or "zeitgenossen" were spelled to create an atmosphere of unity. Music performances, poetry and dances filled the rooms together with installations and visitors.
In 2006 we ceased to exist after WS suffered a stroke to the brain. He decided to live on more alike plant life, never to paint anymore.


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